So, turns out that I need glasses but that was no surprise. What did surprise us was to learn that Harvey is red/green colour blind! Paul and I sat dumb founded as we watched our little boy unable to see a square that we could clearly see, on every single page. And then we went on to learn about what he actually sees with this condition. There goes your wish to be a pilot little one! Turns out it’s actually very common, effecting 1 in 8 boys and I something he inherited from my dad! But I would never have known this without going to an optometrist for a full eye assement. In addition to the maternal screening that is offered for kids his age, a full assessment should be done before starting school and then again before high school as they cover so much more.
Paul was perfectly fine, while I need glasses. I learnt that I was short sighted to a degree but I also have a weak left eye that gives up when forced to concentrate on something too much. It was fascinating! The whole team at our local and independently owned practice were amazing and our assessments were thorough but most of all, our optometrist was brilliant with Harvey. Now, the fun begins.... which glasses!? I love the clear! But I’m going to go back on my own and not rush it.
If you are looking for a local, Aussie and independently owned optometrist, check out the link in my bio. 👓
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@missneec: When you go back, try them on with your hair pulled back as sometimes it can change how they look 😊 (if you tie your hair up regularly)

@rachelle_maree: Geez you should be a model for glasses - all look fab on you!!!!!!

@ghosts_girls_: It’s so important isn’t it, regular checkups from top to toe 👏🏻🙌🏻💪🏻💓🙏🏻 funky all of them, love the first 💥 & the last pair 💥 🥰🙏🏻

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@tamleesch_: Definitely suit glasses! But I agree the clear ❤️

@jadualityt: Wow you look great with all of those specs but I love 1,3 & 4 the most

@annido: The clear ones or the 4th pic with the black frames look great on you!

@sophierodstrom: My sons only 8 months old but will get him tested as my father is coloured blind. Back in the days before they had labels, they shaved a bit of the end of the pencil to write the child’s name. My gran would have to write the colour 🙊 and has trouble at traffic lights too! Lucky we live in the country! And his a farmer so he would have to take us kids with him to see if the crop was coming up or not 😂

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@sincerelymumsy: I love! Welcome to the blind side 🤣 I remember thinking everyone looked so young and no one had wrinkles until I wore glasses haha 😂@real_mumma

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@jipsigirlheartandsoul_: @hannahcoote94 it's quite fascinating. My youngest had to go to the uni of nsw for his tests and it was amazing to see things I saw clear as day that he could not see at all!

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@jessicagallaty: Clear, or the second ones

@blackbirdnz: #1 or #2, you look good in all, but I like these the best👀 👓

@moorelynelle: I think the glasses in picture 2 or 4 look great on you ♥️ you will be surprised how much they change the way you see things 💖

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@lib88y: My boy has colour eye deficiency and mixes up blue purple and green yellow and now red brown. He can see orange perfectly. I bought computer glasses to be like my child so he didn’t feel left out

@shootingstellina: Oh the clear pair looks great on you! Omg I love glasses shopping. Diff good to go with a friend!

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