What makes a bad research paper?

A Bad Research Paper

What makes a bad research paper?

Before we go further, it is important that we define what a research paper is. A research paper is an extended essay that involves thorough research, study, and analysis of a particular topic. An ideal research paper should possess a combination of your perspective and existing relevant information. A unique and personal interpretation of your data is what makes a good research paper. A research paper helps develop your research skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and writing skills.

You cannot just jump into research paper writing without first carefully examining the assignment. Failure to do this, you will find yourself having written something totally different from what is required. Read the assignment over and over again until it is clear to you. Then select a topic. We advise that you pick a topic that is of interest to you and then narrow it down. Finally, conduct thorough research. Scour through books, the internet, journals, magazines, and anything else you can find. This will form the basis of your research paper.

We have provided undergraduate and graduate students with custom paper writing services in all disciplines for ten years now. We, therefore, have the proper insight into the common mistakes that students make with their research papers:

  • Quotes

A common mistake by students is filling the research paper with other researchers’ quotes. The purpose of a research paper is to express your own views on a particular topic. Therefore, direct quotes do not belong in a research paper. Your professor wants to see your analysis and evaluation of research, not what the researcher said. 

  • Insufficient research

Insufficient or vague research can be detrimental to your research paper in two ways. One, it can seriously hamper your topic selection and, therefore, your entire paper. And two: it will present a problem with the information/contents of your paper. To avoid this, ask yourself what you want your paper to look like and what information you want to present to others. Poor research happens when students do not have enough time to write their papers. We advise students to plan and allocate ample time to their research papers. Students juggling with school, work, and family and may not have this luxury. Fortunately, they can buy research papers from us at an affordable price.

  • Not using the proper format.

You have to adhere to your professor’s instructions in the research paper format. If anything is unclear, consult them and ask for clarification. Do not underestimate the importance of a proper format – a research paper is first judged from its appearance. If the format is off, it will leave a bad impression on your professor even if the information therein is excellent.

Here is what to consider in your research paper’s format: the length of the paper, title page, heading, footnotes, endnotes, parenthesis, the format that your document is saved (PDF, .docx, etc.), the tone used, tense used, bibliography, margin size, font, font size, and spacing. With proper formatting, a reader will easily navigate your paper. Also, it signals your seriousness to your professor.

  • Irrelevant information

Irrelevant information can be categorized into these three categories:

  • Anecdotal information: Do not write unnecessary things about your instructor, friends, and classmates, etc. Including such information in your paper is inappropriate. Remember what your focus of the study is, and stick to it from the first word to the last.
  • Unnecessary background: When offering background information, do so only when it is relevant to the paper. With a lot of information out there, it is very easy to get confused about what to write and what to skip. Only stick to the relevant and appropriate information.
  • Superlatives: Using fluffy and big words may confuse the reader and also change the meaning of certain texts in your paper.
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

Grammatical and spelling errors make a bad impression on your reader and professor. It makes you look unserious and amateurish. Even worse, they may change the meaning of various sentences or phrases in your paper. You can avoid grammatical and spelling errors in your paper using Grammarly or academic writing service for proofreading. You can also give your paper to peers, friends, or even parents to check for mistakes and other errors.

  • Using the wrong citation

Proper citation is required in your research paper. Adhere to the appropriate citation style. Some include APA Citation Style, MLA Citation Style, AMA Citation Style, Chicago Citation Style, and Turabian Citation Style.

  • Not using the librarian.

With the advancement of the internet, more and more students forget how important librarians are. A librarian can help you locate the research sources that you need and, in the process, help you save a lot of time. Consult your school librarian for all your research into essays, term papers, research papers, and dissertations. Trust us when we say that he/she will be of much-needed help to you. Thank us later!

What are the advantages of seeking paper writing help?

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What makes a bad research paper?

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