Sunshine Medical Center Is A 350-Bed Not-For-Profit Organization (800 words)

Sunshine Medical Center is a 350-bed not-for-profit organization. In 2020, they had 69,250 inpatient days and 19,233 discharges. Sunshine’s accounting system reported $88,740,000 of inpatient service revenue and $84,000,000 of inpatient costs, with an inpatient workforce of 1,368 FTE’s. The total salaries in 2020 was $66,022,575. 1. What is the medical centers occupancy rate as a percentage? […]

Research Paper 1: Agency Theory and Monitoring (1,500 words).

Evaluate the responsibilities of shareholders who have different types of objectives within the corporation, such as executives of the company and owners who have little daily involvement in the corporation. Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this […]

Research Paper 3: Interest Rates and Corporate Bonds (1,500 words).

Create a valuation model for a new issuance of $100 million dollar corporate bonds with a face value of par. Include numerical illustrations with tables. Remember the valuation model is hypothetical. Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to […]

D’Leon INC. Case Study Analysis (1,500 words).

D’LEON INC., PART I. a. What effect did the expansion have on sales, after-tax operating income, net operating working capi-tal (NOWC), and net income? b. What effect did the company’s expansion have on its free cash flow? c. D’Leon purchases materials on 30-day terms, meaning that it is supposed to pay for purchases with-in 30 […]

Tehindo Case Study: Managing complexity in the supply chain (1,000 words)

Discussion Questions You need to answer these questions clearly. The hints given are just to help you to formulate your answer. Therefore, do not just answer the issues raised in the hints! It is encouraged that you look for published resources (cite them please) outside the text to enrich your answer. Do not exceed more […]

The Cousins Tournament Case Analysis and Discussion (1,100 words).

The Cousins Tournament What are the central challenges facing Al Blanchard at Grandview Industries? What should Al Blanchard do, in his leadership capacity, on behalf of Grandview Industries and its shareholders? What should be the process for choosing the next president? Should the succession committee be changed or a new one created? Should Al and […]

Designing for Security (1,500 words).

ITCO-498 Capstone Project Guidelines V1.0 Overview This document provides information to guide your capstone work. The ITCO-498 Capstone Project is the culmination of your Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) degree program. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate many of the concepts and techniques you learned throughout your degree program. The Capstone Project’s […]

Introduction to Research Methods (1,500 words).

Study Chapters 1 & 2 of the text • View the PowerPoints for Chapters 1 & 2 • View the APA tutorial: There is an introduction plus four learning modules in this online tutorial. The entire tutorial is 50 minutes long. Identify and briefly state the following for both research studies at the end […]

Brief Integrative Case 1.1

Case Study Questions  What ethical issues faced by MNCs in their treatment of foreign workers could bring allegations of misconduct in their operations? Would the use of third-party independent contractors insulate MNCs from being attacked? Would that practice offer MNCs a good defensive shield against charges of abuse of “their employees”? Do you think that […]

You Are The Network Manager For A Consulting Firm That Needs To Install A Backbone To Connect Four 100Base-T Ethernet LAN Segments (1600 words)

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery.  Read the Case: “Smash-Up: How a Violent Car Crash Provided Lessons in Business Continuity and Succession Planning You may have to log in as an insider, give your Metrostate address and search for the article:–how-a-violent-car-crash-provided-lessons-in-business-continuity-and-succes.html I/T personnel probably have deep technical skills but lack business understanding and clout of […]

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