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Admission Essay

admission essay

An admission essay also referred to as an application essay, personal statement, or statement of purpose, refers to an essay that a prospective student writes to a college or university. Admission essays are vital not only for your academic life but also for your whole life. This is why: apart from your grades and transcripts, application essays will determine whether your school of choice picks you.

Admission essay writing is crucial in the college/university application process. According to the National Organization for College Admission Counseling, the essay’s significance in university and college selection has increased tremendously – from 14% in 1993 to 25% in 2012. With more and more high-achieving applicants signing up for college, an application essay is what separates you from the rest.

Before embarking on your college application writing journey, you have to consider these three things:

  • The field: Why do you want to be a doctor, engineer, nurse, teacher, psychologist, etc.? Think about why you want to enter the specific profession. It also helps to know when you became interested in this career and the benefits and shortcomings of that profession.
  • The program: Here, look at the reasons why you want to be admitted to a particular program. What about the faculty and courses offered? You can also research the facilities you might use and the college’s/university’s placement record.
  • Yourself: What makes you stand out? What makes you unique? What are some of your interests and achievements? What motivates you? What makes you a better choice than the other applicants? These are all questions to ask yourself; be honest with yourself and write down your thoughts and ideas.

An application essay provides the recruiters with the window to know more about you. It also displays your writing abilities to the reader. With millions and millions of essays landing on recruiters’ desks every year, it is crucial that you write a unique and exciting admission essay that sets you apart from the rest. Above all, it should show the committee who you are; your “voice” should be all over the essay. If it sounds like a “not so easy thing” to write, it is because it is.

Admission essay writing requires the appropriate writing skills, communication skills and, experience. Not all students have these. That is where our academic writing company comes in. We offer custom essay writing services to students all over the world. For more than ten years now, we have helped students with their college application essays. We will guide you through the essay writing process so that you can write a remarkable essay.

  1. Learn the prompts

Different universities have different cues on what you should write about. They may be related to your life’s personal goals, accomplishments, or the lessons that particular setbacks in life have taught you. Look at these prompts keenly and take your time before proceeding further. After contemplating the prompts, take a pen and a notebook and jot down whatever comes into mind. This will help you select the ideas that are exciting and of interest to you.

  1. Write down your life experiences.

You will want to write down your unique talents, people who have influenced you all your life, achievements, interests, and overall life experiences. After writing down all this, go into further details on each. This is helpful as it gives insight into what motivates you and is the first tidbits of truth that will be included in your essay.  

  1. Settle on your story

By this point, you should have all the information you need to start writing a remarkable, powerful, and outstanding essay. Go through the list you have made and choose one or two topics you will focus on. While writing, remember that you have to capture the reader’s attention in the first few lines. Remember to keep it simple so that the reader can easily follow and connect with your story. Ensure that you are in line with the college application essay’s prompts. Once done, this will form your first draft.

  1. Write the second draft.

After finishing your first draft, take some time off. Then, read it again with a pair of fresh eyes. This enables you to get a refreshed perspective on your essay – what to change, mistakes to correct, etc. This will give you what you need to start on the second draft. Do not be tempted to copy and paste your first draft. It is vital that you write it anew.  

  1. Work on the introductory sentences

These sentences are commonly referred to as hooks because their purpose is to catch the reader’s attention. These hooks should also make your essay’s message clearer while also setting it apart from everyone else’s. A hook is also important since it makes your essay more memorable to the reader.  

  1. Revise

This final step is very important. After you have written your application essay, go through it while checking for any spelling and grammatical errors. Your essay should be concise, brief, and straightforward. Avoid using big, superfluous words. You can give your essay to your parents and friends for them to proofread. Our coursework writing service also offers proofreading services at an affordable fee.

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admission essay

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