Where can I find a good movie criticism?

Book and movie criticism

Where can I find a good movie criticism?

Writing a book and movie criticism may seem like a walk in the park but it isn’t. Students are often faced with different challenges chief among them how to make their work stand out from the rest. It is a process that requires a lot of effort, skill and energy. You need to possess stellar analytical capabilities, the correct vocabulary and a very clear understanding of what the book or movie is about.

Tutors are interested to see whether you understand the movie or book that you are reviewing and it is your work to concisely convince them through your words. A book and movie criticism differ in a major way; to write the former, you need to research the author and his background, read as many pages and analyze the years it was written to understand the context. Movie criticisms don’t involve a lot since you only need to watch the movie and read about the director, producer and writer.

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Where can I find a good movie criticism?

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