What are common mistakes in essays?

10 Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

What are common mistakes in essays?

Through years of providing professional academic writing services to undergraduate and graduate students, we have been able to identify several common mistakes that students make when writing their essays. We are going to highlight the below and show you how to avoid them. The common mistakes are:

  1. Wrong topic

In the occurrence that your instructor does not assign you an essay topic, you should take time to come up with one. It is not an easy task, and that is why students report experiencing trouble with their essay topics. You should choose a topic that you are interested in and one that original. This way, you will enjoy the research process involved before you write your essay. Also, it will reduce the instances of falling into plagiarism.

  1. Repeating the essay question

The first two statements of your introduction should entail your position in regards to the essay question. These sentences should be as direct as possible. A common mistake that students make is repeating the question in their essay introduction.

  1. Not writing a thesis statement.

A thesis statement acts as a lynchpin to your essay. It shows what your topic’s main focus is. The thesis statement is often contained at the end of your introductory paragraph. It is easy to confuse a topic and a thesis statement. A topic is a general subject, whereas a thesis statement, also called a main idea, refers to a specific, central and debatable point about the topic. Here is an example: the topic can be social media. The thesis statement/main idea can be “the negative effects of social media.” A thesis statement acts as a guide to your entire essay and helps you stay focused on the central idea.

  1. Repetition

When you repeat your ideas, arguments, and thoughts over and over throughout the essay, it means that you have not thought about your topic comprehensively. This repetition can be avoided by taking time to plan for your essay, specifically through the research process. After the research process, it is wise for you to come with a draft that will act as a guide when writing your final copy. Repeating words makes your essay boring, therefore use a dictionary and thesaurus to find alternative words and phrases.

  1. Lack of transition in your paragraphs

Paragraphs are and should be formatted to show your logical, organized, and clear thoughts and thought processes. Your paragraphs, as your thoughts, should flow smoothly. Each paragraph should be dedicated to one specific idea, and it should transition smoothly to the next paragraph. To make sure of this, just enhance the last sentence of each paragraph and read your essay out loud.

  1. Grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors

Submitting your essay when it is full of grammatical errors and other typos indicates to your professor that you are not attentive. Before submitting your essay, revise it thoroughly. You can use other resources such as Grammarly.

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to “stealing” another person’s work (intellectual property) and presenting it as your own. It is a grave offense in academia that can get you kicked out of school. To avoid plagiarism, reference (correctly) the sources that you are using cite from other sources, appropriately rephrase the information/idea that you got from another source. If you are experiencing trouble with this, you can contact our academic writing company for custom essay writing.

  1. Wrong, long, or boring title

The title is a very crucial part of the essay since it gives an insight of what the essay is really about. By reading the title, the reader should know what to expect. This means that your title should be directly related to the topic. It should be clear, short, and catchy to capture the attention of the reader. Avoid using big and fluffy words in your title. MAKE SURE YOU PROOFREAD YOUR TITLE – you do not want a typo to be the first thing that the reader sees.

  1. Wrong format

No matter the essay you are writing, always remember to follow the correct format in whatever field. Stick to the required font, page numbers, space, and margins. Keep in mind what type of essay is required of you. There are four major types of essays: narrative essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, and descriptive essays.

  1. Using informal language and rhetorical questions

Answering an essay question with more questions is not only tiresome but also annoying. Before embarking on the essay writing process, it is important to consider whether the reader will enjoy reading your essay. Avoid using words that are commonly used in conversations but do not have a literal meaning. By using colloquialisms, you risk weakening your argument because the reader may not know the meaning.

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What are common mistakes in essays?


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