How do you start a dissertation introduction?

A Guide to Writing the Best Dissertation Introduction

How do you start a dissertation introduction?

A dissertation introduction is the first thing a reader sees when reading your dissertation. It refers to the opening chapter of your project. It should provide a short overview of your work, explain the dissertation’s purpose, and leave a positive impression on the readers. Specifically, a proper dissertation introduction should comprise the scope, motivation, or problem indication; practical and theoretical research relevance; primary objective; current scientific situation; methodology, and keywords. And a brief description of their research design.

An introduction sets the tone for your dissertation, and it is what the reader will use to determine whether he or she continues reading your work. It should be concise, simple, informative, interesting, and engaging. A dissertation introduction has four objectives: one, to introduce your topic to the readers; two, to show the significance of your study; three, to indicate your project’s practical relevance; and four, to introduce relevant materials to catch the readers’ attention.

Detailed and unnecessarily long introductions, incorrect verb tenses, grammatical mistakes, and spelling mistakes are common mistakes that students make when writing their introductions. For more than ten years now, we have provided coursework writing services to undergraduate, graduate, masters, and Ph.D. students worldwide. By writing quality, original, professional, and outstanding dissertations, we have become the go-to dissertation writing service. We will highlight a general guide that will help you navigate the tricky process of writing a dissertation introduction.

  1. Set the scene

A good dissertation introduction should arouse the reader’s curiosity and interest, and it should also provide sufficient and appropriate background information. To set the scene, think about: Why your topic is interesting, the topic’s historical context, the broader topic of the dissertation, and what the reader would want to know to understand the dissertation better. While doing so, remember you do not have to include everything in this introduction. Also, to write it better, approach this from your perspective and the reader’s perspective.

  1. Introduce the central debates

You are supposed to put forward some of your dissertation’s most crucial theories and aspects. The reason for this is to bring context to your project. Students often face the challenge of what to include and what to leave out. A way to avoid this dilemma is writing most of your dissertation first and then narrowing down the literature review to form part of the introduction.

  1. Phrase the research question and emphasize on its relevance

This is the main part of the introduction. All the other chapters of your dissertation revolve around it. A research question is what your dissertation plans to answer. Research questions should always be simple, precise, and brief. Your research question should always be in tandem with the debates mentioned above and theories.

  1. Describe the methods

Methods refer to how you should approach the research question. As with everything else, keep it light on detail. Remember that you have an entire chapter dedicated to looking at your research methodology in detail.

  1. Outline your dissertation’s structure

This means that you should briefly tell what the reader expects in each of the subsequent chapters. This is vital since it helps the reader know what to expect, and it helps the introduction chapter smoothly transition to the literature review chapter. Since you do not know which information is the most important, it is imperative that you write the introduction last. Therefore, you may want to wait until you are nearly finished with your dissertation to start working on your introduction.

You also can write a draft of the introduction first before proceeding with the dissertation. If you choose to follow this route, edit it heavily before submitting your dissertation. Revise your introduction exhaustively! We cannot stress this enough. Take ample time going through your work, and you can give it to your friends, classmates, or our academic writing company for proofreading. Although it is very formal, try to keep your introduction interesting, this will keep the reader engrossed in your work. As we have mentioned severally, keep it concise. Remember you have chapters ahead to go into full details.

Dissertation writing is a lengthy, burdensome, and time-consuming process. With students today juggling multiple responsibilities, they may not be able to write their dissertation introductions or their whole dissertations altogether adequately. Please do not panic because we are here to offer you the best academic writing services you can get. When we say that we are the best coursework writing service, we mean it; ask thousands of students we have helped. Our writing service guarantees the following:

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How do you start a dissertation introduction?


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