How do you analyze a case study?

Case Study Analysis

How do you analyze a case study?

A case study analysis requires investigating the problem and exploring possible solutions then proposing the best recommendation. Case study analyses are assigned to law students, nursing students, business students, and typically all, if not most students. Since most case study analyses are based on real-life scenarios, they help students develop and enhance their decision-making and problem-solving skills. Therefore, case study analysis writing is a critical aspect of coursework that should be taken with utmost importance.  

By following the following steps below, you will better analyze a case study.

  1. One of the biggest and common mistakes students make is not reading the case study. Read and reread the case study. If anything is unclear in the passage, consult your professor. Ensure that you are familiar with all aspects and points of the case. Sometimes, the solution is contained in the passages, so you should take time reading the case study.
  2. Once you are familiar with the case study, it is time to start making notes on the main issues. By being objective as possible, highlight some of the important passages. The importance of this is that you know what/where to emphasize and what to research further.
  3. Now thoroughly examine the questions posed by your instructor. Write down notes on the relevant information being sought after by these questions.
  4. Determine the theories, models, and principles that you can best apply to solve the case study problem. Remember that case study solutions should not be based on personal instincts but hard facts and specific theories.
  5. Develop a solution based on the theories that you have selected specifically above. Some case study assignments will want you to come up with more than one answer.

Case study assignments should follow a specific structure. A lousy structure, or lack thereof, separates a good case study from a bad one. With a good structure, the reader can follow your work more easily, and your ideas can flow more smoothly. Therefore, we advise you to stick to it. For those who may not be in the know, a case study analysis assignment should have the following sections:

  • Introduction: Here, you write the introductory statement, which includes the central problem and the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main idea of what your essay is about.
  • Background information: Through the research you have conducted, highlight the relevant facts and issues to your analysis.
  • Alternatives: Bring up some alternatives that you think are best suited to solve your problem. Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each. Go ahead and explain why you have dismissed some of the alternatives.  
  • Solution: Provide a practical solution to the problem and justify why it is the best using relevant theories, models, additional materials, and principles.
  • Recommendations: Suggest some practical strategies to accomplish the solution that you have suggested.

Writing an outstanding case study assignment will require that you possess research skills, analytical skills, and most importantly, writing skills. Case studies can be categorized into three: 

  • Key cases where the student conducts research on a topic because s/he has an interest in it. 
  • Outlier cases where the subject, or topic stands out from the rest. These case studies present a huge amount of information that you can learn from; and 
  • Knowledge cases where a researcher has enough information but wants to conduct a thorough investigation of a topic, event, or situation. 

With more and more students juggling coursework, family responsibilities, and work responsibilities, it proves challenging to complete their assignments. What culminates is students feeling trapped, anxious, and stressed when given case study analysis assignments. This results in an unpleasant college/university experience leading to low grades and negatively affecting the overall performance.

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How do you analyze a case study?


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