FDP2 TASK 1 NURSING LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FIELD EXPERIENCE — C823 PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT — FDP2 COMPETENCIES 7018.1.1 Communication and Building Relationships The graduate utilizes effective communication and relationship-building practices at all levels of interaction in the healthcare environment. 7018.1.2 Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment The graduate utilizes public and organizational policies, nursing standards, evidence from research for best practice, and quality improvement to evaluate and improve the healthcare environment. 7018.1.3 Leadership The graduate demonstrates a leadership role by effectively designing and implementing patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within the context of transprofessional care guided by evidence for best practice. 7018.1.4 Collaboration The graduate effectively designs and implements a contemporary, organizationally relevant initiative within the context of transprofessional care. 7018.1.5 Organizational Business Administration

The graduate designs plans to implement appropriate business practices within a healthcare organization. INTRODUCTION Allstudents must work with the Health Placement Team and receive a Field Experience Placement Conrmation Letter, before they can begin their Field Experience and Capstone. Please contact the Health Placement Team to obtain the organizational approval letter and preceptor agreement. In addition, you will need to work with Health Placement for an afliation agreement if required by your facility/organization. You will design and develop an evidenced-based practice change, quality improvement, or innovation that demonstrates the synthesis of WGU graduate competencies. This project is not primary research but should be focused on scholarly evidence in support of practice improvements, innovation, or general practice change. It will not require an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. You will be required to conduct a comprehensive literature review that defines the evidence in support of your project. The literature review represents a collection of primary research studies that have already been conducted and that provide guidance for best practices. Once your project plan is complete, you will create a professional presentation that outlines your plan and then present it to your stakeholder group and preceptor. Before you start your project, you will first need to secure organizational approval and obtain a letter of agreement from your preceptor. In this task, you will be required to develop a plan for your capstone project that describes your problem and proposed solution.

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