What do you mean by term paper?


Research Paper Vs Term Paper: Differences and Similarities

What do you mean by term paper?

Students often conflate between term papers and research papers. However, these two are entirely different. Their difference is as huge as that of research papers and essays. Before we look into their differences and similarities, we have to look at both of them individually.

Research paper

A research paper is a project that involves researching a particular topic, analyzing data, and interpreting it. There are some features that all research papers should have; these are what your professor will be looking for when reading and grading them. These features include the following:

  • Thesis statement: A thesis statement refers to the main idea of your research paper. It is what your paper is trying to convey and can be considered as the backbone of your research paper. The reason is that everything contained in your research paper supports this thesis statement. Therefore, no thesis statement, no research paper. Usually included at the end of the introduction, it is vital that students learn how to write a good thesis statement. They can also contact our academic writing company for research paper writing help.
  • Evidence: A research paper should contain information from other sources. To write a good research paper, you need to look at different materials related to your topic. These materials will support and form a basis for your entire research paper. For example, a research paper on climate change should contain data, insights, and evidence from various experts in that field. This does not mean you copy these materials word for word. Doing so would result in plagiarism.
  • Original discussions: You need to present your ideas and arguments in your research paper. Through analysis and synthesis of information, your conclusions should be articulated coherently in the research paper.

A research paper can either be:

  • Argumentative: This type requires you to present an argument or a claim and then back it up with facts and your reasoning.
  • Compare and contrast: This one looks at the differences and similarities of different phenomena or subjects.
  • Cause and effect: As the name suggests, this type looks at how various things, factors or events lead to particular consequences.
  • Definition: This one involves giving expanded definitions of a specific topic.
  • Interpretive: As the name suggests, it requires elucidation of written work.

Term paper

A term paper refers to a written assignment given to students at the end of a semester or term. The primary purpose of a term paper is to showcase the student’s understanding and competence in the topic. Students are expected to review the topic critically, and it does not follow a specific structure. Term papers can be in different forms such as reports, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, or research papers. Yes, a research paper can be a term paper!

Differences between a research paper and a term paper

  1. A research paper is not assigned at a particular time, but a term paper is usually given at the end of the term/semester
  2. A research paper has a specific structure, but a term paper does not. The research paper follows the following format: Cover page, Table of contents, Abstract, Literature review, Methodology, Discussion, and Conclusion.
  3. A research paper aims to solve a particular problem, and the objective of a term paper is to test the student’s understanding of the subject.
  4. A research paper contains a thesis statement, while a term paper includes a hypothesis.
  5. A research paper does not always contribute to the grade, but a term paper significantly does.
  6. A research paper cannot be In the form of a term paper, but a term paper can be in the form of a research paper.
  7. A term paper can be on a single page while research papers cannot.

Research paper and a term paper similarities

  1. These two papers are meant to measure students’ academic ability and showcase their understanding of a particular topic.
  2. These two skills involve the students exhibiting and developing their research skills, communication skills, and analytical skills.
  3. They are both supposed to conform to the highest quality standards.
  4. They both involve a lot of research.

You need to take these two papers seriously. Choose your topic wisely, conduct proper research and avoid things such as procrastination, and plagiarism. Follow the correct structure and above all, follow your professor’s instructions and requirements. If you are not sure about anything, consult your instructor. Students today may not have the luxury of time due to juggling work, family, and school.

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What do you mean by term paper?



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