Month: September 2022

Accounting related ESG report and sustainability (3,300 words).

Accounting related ESG report and sustainability. Your choice should be a US public company that currently issues a sustainability report. You will write an essay using the following prompt: You are an a CEO of a large public company. You have been paying close attention to the news that the SEC plans to introduce more […]

US Army Command and General Staff School, Advance Operations Course (AOC), Leadership Essay Exam.

Requirement: This exam is an individual assignment that assesses your understanding and application of concepts taught in the Art of Command lessons during AOC. It consists of seven questions based on enabling learning objectives and case studies of the leadership lessons. You will answer two questions for a total of two essay responses. Each essay will be no […]

Joshua & White Technologies December 31 Balance Sheets Analysis

Joshua & White (J&W) Technology s financial statements are also shown here. Answer the following questions. a. Has J&W s liquidity position improved or worsened? Explain. b. Has J&W s ability to manage its assets improved or worsened? Explain. c. How has J&W s profitability changed during the last year? d. Perform an extended DuPont […]

Company Ownership Analysis PowerPoint Presentation (50 words).

Define each of the following terms: Proprietorship; partnership; corporation; charter; bylaws Limited partnership; limited liability partnership; professional corporation Stockholder wealth maximization Money market; capital market; secondary market Public markets; derivatives Investment bank; financial intermediary Money market fund Physical location exchange; computer/telephone network Open outcry auction; dealer market; automated trading platform Production opportunities; time preferences for […]

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