Month: March 2022

Excel Project 2 (Large Spreadsheets)

The purpose of this hands-on project is to give students an opportunity to create a large data electronic spreadsheet and a chart while applying assumptions to answer what-if analysis (CLO 4, CLO 5, MLO 4.1), and apply financial functions, data tables, and amortization schedules to an electronic spreadsheet (CLO 4, CLO 5, MLO 4.2). To […]

Case study of schizophrenia and depression patient (3,000 words)

Mental health is a complex challenge and a public health concern affecting individuals, families, communities, and society. An index of 301 diseases conducted in 2016 found that mental health problems accounted for 21.2% of years lived with a disability making mental illness one of the main causes of disease burden globally (Mental Health Foundation, 2016). […]

How to write the most compelling admission essay for college/university? (350 words)

My love for math exceeds the words that I can write about the subject. Math inspires me, and this is the subject that I have desired to learn for a long time. Since I was a child, I have loved the subject and enjoyed every time I was taught a new concept in class. In […]

What is the impact of globalization on business process re-engineering? (700 words)

Globalization brought change, and Information Technology is one of the significant changes that have changed the businesses are conducted in the modern-day world. As Magdalena indicates in the article, re-engineering the business process causes a change in organizational functions. Changes that occur helps to make work more comfortable for the employees, ensure the services offered […]

What are the best way for managing financial risks and its impact on families? (250 words)

One of the risks my family and I face in this world is financial risk. Being dependent on employment puts me at risk if anything happens in the future, and I will not be able to work again. To manage this risk, I ensure I save a certain percentage of the money I earn monthly. […]

What is the role of nurses in promoting patient care? (300 words)

Nurses play an essential role in ensuring patients get quality care and safety will be guaranteed. One of the roles nurses plays is in providing direct care to the patients. Taking care of the patients helps to ensure that they meet the needs of the patients and that their health conditions will improve. The second […]

What are the best way to improve quality in healthcare? (300 words)

Quality healthcare is a need that human beings require to be effective in their everyday activities. One area in that I have seen an improvement is the development of effective teams that seek to meet the patients’ needs. The most prominent challenge has been in the effective use of information technology. One sector has been […]

Article critique (650 words)

Berislav Zmuk sought to explain how statistical thinking and statistical methods have been adopted among small enterprises in Croatia in his 2015 article. The main topic discussed in the article is the investigation of the attitude of the management of enterprises that use statistical methods in coming up with statistical thinking in Croatia. The author’s […]

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