Month: November 2022

You Are The Network Manager For A Consulting Firm That Needs To Install A Backbone To Connect Four 100Base-T Ethernet LAN Segments (1600 words)

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery.  Read the Case: “Smash-Up: How a Violent Car Crash Provided Lessons in Business Continuity and Succession Planning You may have to log in as an insider, give your Metrostate address and search for the article:–how-a-violent-car-crash-provided-lessons-in-business-continuity-and-succes.html I/T personnel probably have deep technical skills but lack business understanding and clout of […]

U.S History Final Paper (600 words)

Historians often characterize the period from Thomas Jefferson’s presidency to Andrew Jackson’s presidency as a dynamic, paradigm shift. For this assignment, describe at least three aspects of this shift, either good or bad, including how Jefferson’s and Jackson’s personalities or beliefs influenced each aspect either directly or indirectly.  Example:  Both Jackson and Jefferson claimed to […]

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