Tehindo Case Study: Managing complexity in the supply chain (1,000 words)

Discussion Questions You need to answer these questions clearly. The hints given are just to help you to formulate your answer. Therefore, do not just answer the issues raised in the hints! It is encouraged that you look for published resources (cite them please) outside the text to enrich your answer. Do not exceed more than ONE page per questions.

1. Make a diagram showing the supply chain configuration of Tehindo as well as the flow of products and information within the supply chain. Hint: Who are the key players in this supply chain? Need a diagram of products and information flow properly labeled.

2. Compare the bottled Goteh and Fteh in terms of challenges in managing their supply chain processes. Hint: Create a table to show the different challenges for the two products

3. Discuss the causes of temporary demand (and order) increases in this supply chain. Hint: Cite reasons for the temporary increase in demand/orders

4. If you were the supply chain manager of this company, what would be your suggestions in the second meeting? Hint: Need to address the perspectives of the Supply chain manager and Marketing manager

5. How does information distortion happen in this supply chain, and what would be your suggestions to reduce it? Hint: Discuss the Bullwhip effect and what is causing it

6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration and outsourcing for Tehindo. Hint: No hint necessary here.

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