20th Century Architecture

This is a 2 part essay with 2 essay questions which need 500-word answers each.The main source material should be Modern Architecture since 1900 by William Curtis, as this is a core reading text, however additional references should be used and be fully referenced. Answers should include illustrations and sketches as necessary to answer the questions fully.When answering the questions, you should not duplicate your examples. For instance, you cannot use Mies van der Rohe and his projects in part 1 and then use the same or another of his projects in part 2. There should be 5 different architects and 7 different buildings used throughout the 2 parts.I am a native English speaker who has a high 2:1 / 1st average so would expect this to be reflected in this essay. If you would like a sample of my work to match the styles please let me know. There is no possibility for extension to the deadline.Part 1 question: 2 architects with 4 building examples (2 buildings each).The canon of great twentieth-century architects usually comprises Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. To what extent do you agree with this selection? Compare and contrast two of these architects, and account for their respective developments over their long careers by reference to two of their projects each.Part 2 question: 3 architects with 3 building examples (1 building each).A recurrent theme in twentieth-century architecture has been the expression of technology (structure, construction, environmental design). Describe three buildings from across the period that exemplifies this ethos. To what extent do you believe that Hi-Tech architecture of the latter part of the twentieth century represents the ultimate in technological expression in architecture?Aim to demonstrate through your answers the breadth of your knowledge of twentieth-century architecture.

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