A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem

A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem
Textbook Information
Title: Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community (8th ed.)
Author: Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, J.
ISBN: 978-0323080019
Publisher: Elsevier
A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem
Imagine that you are a nurse in one of the following areas of practice: public health nurse, case manager, school nurse, occupational health nurse, forensic nurse, advanced practice nurse, nurse leader, home health nurse, or hospice nurse. Using the information you obtained during your windshield community assessment and incorporating the elements of the nursing process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Intervention, Evaluation), write a care plan for a community problem. Refer back to Chapter 18: Community as Client: Assessment and Analysis.

A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem (p 2)
Your care plan must include
An Introductory paragraph;
Community Assessment – a section which summarizes the findings of your windshield assessment and identifies a problem within the community;
Community Nursing Diagnoses – a section which includes three appropriate community nursing diagnoses that address the problem identified above;*
Planning/Interventions – a section which explains, hypothetically, how you could plan and intervene on behalf of the community regarding this specific problem;
Evaluation – a section which details how you would evaluate the success of your interventions;
A Concluding paragraph.

A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem (p 3)
* PLEASE NOTE: Community nursing diagnoses are worded somewhat differently than those pertaining to an individual patient. Your diagnoses will include the words “Risk of,” “Among,” and “Related to” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p. 413). Here is an example given by your text:

Risk of infant malnutrition among families in Bernalillo County related to lack of regular developmental screening.

Regarding this specific Assignment:

With the exception of your introductory and concluding paragraphs, the above sections will use the headings listed above.
This care plan will be written in narrative form, meaning that no charts or tables will be included. Your work will consist of well-organized paragraphs which explain your plan of care.
A Nursing Care Plan for a Community Problem (p 4)
Your paper will be a minimum of 5 pages in length (excluding the title page and reference list).
Use Stanhope & Lancaster (2012) as a reference and properly cite it within the body of your paper. Include at least four additional references which will also be properly cited within the body of your paper.
Please note that no more than 10% of the paper may be direct quotations; you must synthesize the material rather than merely quoting it.
The title page must resemble that found on p. 41 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010).
No “Author’s Note” or “Abstract” is necessary.
The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained.

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