A written analysis of the play Radio Golf by August Wilson

Requirements: This project is broken into 3 parts: Part 1 (20 points): Dramatic structure analysis of the play. Each element (exposition, protagonist, antagonist, world of the play, inciting incident, rising action, falling action, climax, resolution) on the dramatic structure chart should be identified in the play and explained in 100 words in length. Do not simply define the term you must identify each in the play and explain your choice. Part 2 (20 points): Historical context explanation of the play. This portion should be researched based on time period, location, and any other relevant factors that could have potentially influenced the creation of the play. Think about what genre of theatre this piece is and how that also influenced the play. This must portion must include in text citations in MLA format. This portion should be 500 words in length. Part 3 (20 points): Designer role articulation for the play. This portion should identify and define the role of the following design areas: scene design, costume design, lighting design, sound design. Beyond defining them in general you must also identify at least one example for each of how a design choice would impact the given play. This means thinking about the role of the designer and discussing something they would need to do or choose to do in producing the play. Each designer definition should be 200 words in length. A works cited page will be required for this assignment and should be completed in MLA format.

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