advantages and disadvantages of inviting various community and organizational representatives.

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Provide evidence-based literature to support your answers. Health needs of the rural elderly population Darla Parker, RN, BSN, works with a small home health agency that is located in a rural Appalachian community. Population in the county is estimated to be 13,798 with 2,578 people between the ages of 55 and 64. Another 3,459 people are older than 65. Demographic data indicate that the elderly population will continue to grow, with the “graying of America” and young adults leaving the area to find work. Chronic health problems among the older population of this county include high rates of cancer, especially late stage diagnosed uterine and Breast cancers, especially late stage diagnosed uterine and Breast cancers, chronic lung disease ( including a high rate of black lung Disease), and high for this community. In consultation with Shirley Janeff, director of the regional office on aging, Darla learned that’s recent assessment of the community had found that a number of elderly citizens with chronic health problems were having difficulty get access to needed healthcare resources. Results of this survey also showed needs for transportation, for home caregivers, and for help with the purchase of medications. Janeff said, “I think the problem is complex, but some of the problems we are encountering are related to changes in Medicare reimbursement policies that limit access to home health and also that people are simply not informed about the many resources available to them in the community.” Darla responded,”I know we can’t solve the problems with reimbursement at this time, but maybe we can do something to inform people about resources. ” When Darla returned to her office she talked with her supervisor about setting up task force to investigate some possible solutions to these issues. Her supervisor, Mary Jane, agreed with the need to work on this issue and suggested that Darla proceed. Two weeks later, Darla met with representatives of a variety of service agencies to develop some approaches to the documented needs of the elderly citizens of the community. After much discussion of the assessment data, the group decided to put on a health fair as one strategy to inform the community of the many resources in the area. At this first meeting, the group selected a date to coincide with Older Americans Month. They decided to hold it outdoors at the local County park, but they also identified another site in the case of rain on the chosen date. The task force met two more times to complete planning for the event. 1. what are some factors Darla needs to consider when putting together a task force to plan this project? As you answer this question, think about the advantages and disadvantages of inviting various community and organizational representatives. 2. Once she has established the task force, what is Darla’s role with the group? What are expected behaviors of different possible roles she could assume? 3. At the first meeting, Darla is elected by the group to be the chairperson. What does it mean to be a leader? Describe leadership behaviors you would expect to see Darla exhibit. 4. Whatever a group of people comes together to work on an issue or project, conflict is a possibility. How could Darla intervene with the group to control conflict and keep them moving toward their goal?

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