Analyse the Global Production Network (GPN) of a specific product or service. Who benefits most from the structure of this GPN?

Your analysis of the GPN should include three main aspects: – What types of labour go into creating the product or service at the different points in the GPN, and how is this work globally distributed? – What institutional arrangements best explain the structure of this GPN? – Is the capture of value evenly distributed throughout the GPN, and if not, who benefits most from its structure? In consultation with your seminar tutor or module leader you are free to choose any specific commodity or service that you want to research. When choosing, ensure that there is enough information available to enable you to write a good essay. Hi mate, There are four lecture slides in total, the important part should be lecture 3, 5 and 6 (I do not know if lecture 4 is relevant so I uploaded it first anyway). I put lecture 5 and 6 into PDF file since these two’s size are too large (max 10mb). So please let me know if you cannot open these lecture slides and I will send you again. The topic states that we need to choose a specific product or service. Therefore, I guess Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s phone will be alright for this, but if you have any better ideas or you think if there are product or service that makes you easier to do the essay or you good with I do not mind to take it. Please let me know if there are any other information or lecture slides that you need. Thank you very much :)!!

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