Analysis of gender roles as portrayed in your chosen TV Show ” Have and Have Not”

TV Show Analysis Essay Several steps of the writing process will lead you to your finished product: a TV Show Analysis Essay. You will create an outline for a 750-1000 word analysis essay on theme of gender in the family TV show you watched, submit the outline for my feedback, and develop the analysis essay. Your essay will include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting examples. The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the following three elements: Introduction: introduces the subject/s being analyzed and, in a thesis statement, states the reason for the analysis and the main ideas/claims that support that reason. Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. Please underline your thesis. Body: contains at least three body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences (supporting arguments) that prove your thesis. Each topic sentence should be a reason why your thesis is true. Conclusion: summarizes the analysis and explains new understanding. Suggestions to develop the body of the essay: Analyze the characters’ representations of gender (summary does not belong in an analysis!). The thesis and topic sentences should be the strongest, most analytical sentences in your essay. Support each point with specific examples and details from the episodes you watched. Relate each point of analysis back to the thesis. Follow a clear organizational pattern. Include transitional words and phrases to make your observations clear.

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