Analyze how your individual’s strategies differ from those of other entrepreneurs.

Assignment InstructionsThis is the second assignment in your course project. Using the entrepreneur you chose for your Unit 1 assignment, write a 4–5 page paper that assesses the general strategies that your chosen entrepreneur uses for marketing, management, and sustainability. Address the following:Compare the strategies exhibited by your chosen individual to strategies presented in your reviews of research literature.Analyze how your individual’s strategies differ from those of other entrepreneurs.Draw conclusions as to what causes your individual to be successful, based on the strategies employed.Note: If you discover there are no clearly defined marketing, management, and sustainability initiatives, be certain to identify this discovery in your paper. Lack of information is a category of information.Assignment Formatting GuidelinesWritten communication: Develop accurate written communication and thoughts that convey the overall goals of the assignment. Your paper should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills and should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.Section Headings: Create individual headings for each area of analysis. Section headings can be used to arrange topics in a logical order, and they can help you manage the length of your paper.Length of paper: The body of your paper must be 4–5 full pages, not including the references list, appendices, or title page.References: Support your paper with at least three academic resources from the Capella library. You must use proper APA (6th edition) style to list your references. Refer to the Capella Writing Center’s APA Style and Format module for more information.Formatting: Use APA (6th edition) formatting, including correct in-text citations, proper punctuation, double-spacing throughout, proper headings and subheadings, no skipped lines before headings and subheadings, proper paragraph and block indentation, no bolding, one-inch margins all around, and no bullets.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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