analyze the external and internal environments of a non-profit organization

This case illustrates the challenges of operating a social enterprise in a medium-size non-profit organization. The case requires that students analyze the external and internal environments of a non-profit organization. They will apply the concepts of organizational resources, capabilities and core competencies in order to determine whether the organization has the skills and resources necessary to successfully operate a social enterprise. Finally, students will use basic accounting concepts to evaluate the financial results of the social enterprise.Keeping in mind,1) the role of managing financial resources, 2) identifying successful fundraising and capital campaigns, 3) considering and researching both traditional and alternative grant-funding opportunities, 4) understanding the importance of successful board-management relationships, and 5) understanding the importance of compliance with reporting requirements and effective internal control systems, within the non-profit sector.Case Study Focus Points:Develop Analysis by answering:Are you for or against Mine 101?1. Evaluate the performance of Mine lOl to date. What sales revenue is required to meet Mine lOl’s profit objective? What are your conclusions about Mine lO1’s ability to generate money to support the agency’s mission?2. Compare the performance of Mine lOl to other used-merchandise retailers. How do the values and principles of WCH influence the ability of Mine lOl to generate profit?3. What are the internal and external factors encouraging WCH to start a social enterprise? What additional factors should an organization consider?4. What are the opportunities and risks that WCH assumes by continuing to operate Mine l015. How do the skills and core competencies of WCH align with those needed to operate a retail store?6. As a funder or board member, assess the effectiveness of this social enterprise.7. As Yeo, what would you recommend to the WCH board of directors?

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