Analyzing your biography sociologically

when you will read the instructions which are attached pdf with this order. You will find that this term paper is about my case study. Things that they will ask about me and which are important for you to write this are given below.My name is Manpreet Singh.I’m from Bathinda, Punjab ( INDIA).I migrate to Canada after my high school.This is 2nd year in Douglas College, New Westminster, BC, Canada.I migrated to Canada because i want to settle in Canada. My family is still living in India.When i get permanent residency in Canada, my family will also migrate to Canada.We are two brothers of my parents and I’m elder brother. So it’s my responsibility to help my family so they can easily settle in Canada with my financial support.I’m doing part time job as a security guard in Vancouver. I’m living in Surrey, BC, Canada.My father is farmer and my mother is housewife.I’m North Indian Sikh boy from Punjab, India, where people speak punjabi language.This is the small information of me, you can get idea from there to write case study on me. If do you need any information from my side you can contact me at 17789573180 ( Manpreet Singh)Place of birth Bathinda, Punjab, IndiaFamily- we are two brothers and I’m elder, my brother is 5 year younger from me.I’m 20 year old boy.Religion- SikhNorth IndianCan speak Punjabi, Hindi, EnglishMigrated to Canada in Dec-13,2017I’m doing Associates of sciences in biology( 2 year course), this is my last year in Douglas College, New Westminster, BC, Canada.Doing part job as Security Guard in Vancouver.

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