Assessment of the vulnerabilities and threats at Nellis Air Force Base and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Prepare and submit of an essay 10 pages in length using at least 4 peer reviewed journal articles, with the remainder being textbooks, and government reports. Pick two locations within 250 miles of where you live or work, one must be a governmental entity and the other must be a private entity, and then complete a 10-page assessment of their vulnerabilities and threats, putting their security in order of priority, explaining and defending your choices. All citations included in your response(s) must follow APA format guidelines and submitted as a Microsoft Word document file. Remember that you must support your assessment and positions with information from a text, web sites, and with journal article(s)). Remember that in graduate work journal articles are considered to be the best support for your position when researching and writing. Make sure you search out the relevant journals containing peer reviewed journal articles pertaining to terrorism and terrorist activities.

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