briefly describe the method used in each of the studies, identify the measurement and experimental operational definitions

have 1 inch margins, be double spaced, have page numbers in the upper right hand corner, be typed in Times New Roman 12 point font. Include a title page in APA format (see Stangor textbook, p. 297 & 314) a reference page in APA format (see Stangor textbook, p. 307 & 330), and cite your articles in the text according to APA format, (see Stangor textbook, p. 298). The purpose of this paper is to get you to think about your own research idea and see how other people have examined related topics. To do this we want you to: state a narrowed conceptual hypothesis for YOUR research topic locate THREE research articles that are related to your research topic and hypothesis, and write a summary and critique of each article. The articles MUST be empirically based. In other words, the articles must describe a true experimental design with at least one manipulated independent variable. This means that correlational studies, meta-analyses, book chapters, and secondary summary articles (i.e., review articles) are not acceptable. If you are unsure if your articles meet this requirement you should ask your instructor. (Please, don’t wait until the last minute to e-mail, as the instructor might not have time to reply, and if there are problems with the articles, you might not have time to find new ones.) state YOUR research topic and hypothesis and how these three articles are relevant. state the research topic of each of the three articles review and explain the research question(s) (or hypotheses) that guided the three research articles, identify the independent and dependent variables of the research articles, briefly describe the method used in each of the studies, identify the measurement and experimental operational definitions (i.e., identify how the researchers operationalized the independent and dependent variable) for each of the articles, describe the results and conclusions. If one of your articles has more than one study, you only need to summarize the study that is the most relevant to your hypothesis. give your opinion about the research (e.g., criticisms or questions about the research, experimental design, ect., or ideas about other interesting research questions not addressed in the article). Importantly, however, here you must also think specifically about how each research article informs your thinking about your hypothesis. give a summary of how the three articles combine to inform your thinking, and describe very briefly (one paragraph should be enough detail) what you plan to do for your research proposal (e.g. tell me what your 2 independent variables will be, and what your dependent variable will be). Hint #1: most research articles contain multiple studies. If this is the case, you should choose ONE study from the article and use that as the basis for your summary. If this is the case, when you write a summary just include a sentence like the following: “The authors reported on # studies in this article, but I will focus only on study # for this review.” Hint #2: most students find that the easiest way to write this paper is to cover items 2 through 8 for one article at a time. Thus you end up with three sections (one for each article). The last paragraph should address point 9 in a summary format. You may write your paper in any way that you want, as long as the information that you present is accurate, understandable, and matches APA formatting guidelines.

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