Can nursing interventions prevent delirium in intensive care adult patients? A systematic review.

This is an essay in a form of a systematic review (guidelines and example included as attachments).
The question is formed using the PICO method (but without the C) and keywords included:
Population – intensive care adult patients (or itu or icu or “intensive care” or “critical care” or intensive care unit or critical care unit or itu or “critically ill” or “level 3” or “acutely ill” or “long-term”)
Intervention – nursing interventions (or nursing or nurse or nursing care or nursing practice or “nursing intervent*” or “non pharmaceutical” or “non pharmaceutical” or non-pharmaceutical or “patient care” or help treatment)
Outcome – delirium prevention (or delirium or psychosis or derangement or disorientat* or insan* or hallucinat* or madness or mad or incoheren* or agitat* or hyster* or irrational*)
Search limitations: English language, international bibliography, less than 5 years if possible.
The search strategy must be very thorough and transparent, describing step by step the process that was followed and a PRISMA chart should be included to show how the resources were selected and how we ended up with a small amount of spot-on articles.
From the remaining resources, a data extraction sheet should be included for the critical appraisal like CASP (see guidelines included).

I ticked the box for number of sources as not needed because there is no exact number in a systematic review.

I am not sure if I selected the right type of paper but I’m willing to pay more in case I should have chosen something else.

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