Career Path Paper Information

Career Path Paper Information In this project, you must provide a brief description of the CAM therapy that interests you (Psychologist) and an outline of the steps that are required to become a practitioner. Include references. Your reference list must include all websites and other sources you have used for your research. You must provide in-text citations. Topic = Psychologist You must address the following areas in your paper. Prerequisites Is there a formal school program to follow? Or through experience-based learning? Do I need to complete a degree before I begin this program? Or only a few courses? Which courses are required? What are the cut-off marks? Is there more than just an application process, e.g., entry examination, interview, etc.? How many applicants do they receive each year? How many students do they accept? Do you need to have more on your resume (i.e., volunteering)? Is the program in Canada? Or abroad? If abroad, are there any visas/international student issues that you need to think about? Will you be able to find suitable accommodations that you can afford for the duration of the program? Program Specifics What exactly are you going to receive at the end of your program? Is the school program reputable and recognized by the necessary governing organizations? How long is the program? Full-time or part-time? Can any courses that you have taken from an earlier degree count for credit towards this new one? Are the courses ones that you have some familiarity with, or is it all going to be brand new? What is the tuition fee? Books? Required equipment or incidentals? Is there financial aid available if necessary? Is there a co-op/practical placement/internship requirement of the program? Will you be paid for this time, or is it for credit only? Post Program In order to be licensed, do you need to pass an examination of some sort? What are the costs associated with this? How much will you have to spend for malpractice/liability insurance? Does the program have a career placement centre that can help you find a job post graduation? Is there any direction or aid for starting up your own practice? Does the school have connections to only the local level (within the immediate geographical area) or is there a wider reach (throughout the province or nationally) in order to help you begin your practice?

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