case study and digital marketing of Debenhams

The situation: Debenhams is struggling and is on the verge of going out of business, a reason could be they are trying to appeal to a too broad audience and as a result customers no longer understand what Debenhams the brand stands for, hence the brand is decline and no longer appears to have focus. Debenhams appreciate they need to change very quickly but do not know who to focus on due to there broad appeal. You are digital marketing specialists and have been asked to respond to the 3 questions brief. Question 1 (Persona) – who in your expert opinion should Debenhams should target to drive short term sales (justify where possible) Create a persona would be a good approach Question 2 Acquisition task which channel would you use to drives sales from this audience, also think what content would you use, premium content would be very different mass content, choose 2 or 3 channels and justify, which channels have you left out and why, remember this is to drive sales revenue Question 3 Retention, how are you going to get this audience to become loyal, (Customer journey map) identify the different stages of loyalty, nurture, loyal, advocacy what are you going to do at each stage and what digital channels are you going to use. also think about type of content and formats, maybe they have the attention span of a Goldfish, this point goes for the above.

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