Paper is already written I just need some corrections as instructed in the picture i have attached here. page 3 this paragraph needs more clarification: Changes in technology have also affected the practice of nursing, causing a shortage (Sigma Theta Tau International, n.d). Some nurses are struggling with the new technology, which forces them to move out of the profession because they feel that they cannot cope. The use of Electric Method Records is quite challenging, especially to the nurses who are approaching retiring age. The sudden change makes them feel outdated, which increases their intentions to leave. PAGE FOR THIS PART HAS TO BE MORE CLARIFIED: The shortage also results in medical errors which in extreme cases have left patients disabled due to misdiagnosis and wrong medications (American Nursing Association, 2018). There have been various cases of patients having to lose their body parts and others being forced to stay on wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. Such situations can be avoided if proper staffing of medical facilities is advocated for. According to the Journal of Nursing Scholarship (2012), medication errors are a huge threat to patients. Nursing staffing is one of the key factors in determining the efficiency of nurses and thus influences the number of errors that occur during the practice. Shortage of nurses generally compromises on the safety of the patients. Shortage of nurses results in the death of patients (American Nursing Association, 2018). This occurs especially when emergency services are required such as accident victims. Lack of adequate nurses means that they are not able to serve the patients that visit their facility, which increases the death rates of patients. this part needs correction. LAST PAGE THIS HAS TO BE FIXED. Looks like 4th grade student wrote it. The issue of the nursing shortage is threatening the healthcare sector and causing delays in the provision of medical services to the patients. Patients are forced to wait for services for longer times which has resulted in deaths or other complications. There was a time I was sick, and when my parents took me to the hospital, we had to wait for nearly five hours before we could be attended to. This forced my mother to stay out of work, and I had to stay out of school for the whole day. This last part is so unprofessional.proves nothing as research paper. How if doctor did not saw me for long time is nursing problem? and i do not go to Emergency with my mom. LOL. does this company hire high school students to write these papers?

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