Choose one of the works of literature listed in the Introductory Discussion to complete the Indirect Reader-Response prompt.

Indirect Reader-Response: Relate the literary work you’ve chosen to a work of art, music, dance, etc. produced or published professionally within the last 5 years. Works of literature that will be used for this essay is called “still i rise” by Maya Angelou Requirements: Focus/Purpose: to inform and to support an opinion to a primary audience of classmates and instructor in a document with a word count within 525-625 words. Content and Support/Elaboration: A 5+ paragraph essay is required. Each paragraph should include concrete details from the literature as support for the topic sentence, either as an example or an explanation of your point. Idea Organization: Create complete paragraphs (topic, supporting details, transitions) organized logically to support your reader-response ideas. Style: This is a reader-response essay, so a first person or third person style is acceptable; second person is not. Do remember that this is a college-level essay, so it should be written at that level of academic formality and using the ENGL 1102 textbook terms accurately. Format/Essay Conventions: You will develop this reader-response content in comparison/contrast essay structure. MLA: This essay must conform to 8th edition MLA standards. This includes the heading, the page formatting, the in-text citations, and the full citation(s) after the essay. The literature should be cited in the essay and on the works cited list. For the Indirect Reader-Response prompt, the work of art will be cited in the essay and on the works cited list, too. No additional research is permitted for this essay.

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