Community Impact Write about (Charlotte, NC) How does Obesity affect the community?

Community Effects of obesity on Charlotte NC

For this assignment, we will be studying the distribution and determinants of a health-related state or problem area in a specific population, determining what measures currently exist to help minimize the problem, and designing a plan to implement additional measures and evaluate their effectiveness. The role of the advanced nursing practice leader in Public Health is to promote, protect and restore health of populations and prevent disease and disability. Community Impact Write about (Charlotte, NC) How does Obesity affect the community? How expensive is obesity to the community? You need to see what things are currently in place to help to minimize the problem area for the community. A community may have many disciplines involved in trying to decrease the incidence or the effects of the problem and the group will need to collect information from multiple sources. Consider what is being done by the community, by health care institutions, by the Health Department, legally. Do the measures address the risk factors or commonalities that were identified? When the group is looking at resources or programs in place, there is a need to describe them and include specific information about what is involved and the role they play in helping to minimize the problem. For instance, rather than merely saying that Cleveland County has a smoking cessation program, you need to give specific information about that program. You will not be able to come up with a plan to help fix a problem if you do not know specifically what is already being done and who is being targeted. Who is responsible for oversight of the resources or programs? Are measures available, accessible, effective (do they produce the intended or expected results) and efficient (do they produce intended results with a minimum expenditure of time and resources)? Once you have examined the measures currently in place to help minimize the problem and have compared the time of their institution with rates, you will have an idea on the effectiveness of the measures. You will also need to consider the cost of a particular program or measure. Be sure this information is included. For instance, if a program costs $100,000/year, has the rate of the health problem decreased enough to merit that expenditure? How will you decide?

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