Complete the following deliverables to meet this goal.

Research Based Recommendation Report: Case 2- Fostering Corporate Diversity

Case Two:

You work for a small software company of about 100 employees. Recently, the company you work for purchased an empty office building and began to draft plans to renovate the space to accommodate the growing business. A small group of about 10 employees who have worked for the company for six years in various positions have asked you about the possibility of adding of a dedicated nursing mother’s room and a gender inclusive bathroom in addition to the standard female/male bathrooms in the renovation plans for the new office building. The company’s current office building does not have these spaces. You are leading a transition planning team comprised of professionals in different positions in the company; you are the human resources manager on the team. Your team was assigned to present current research and a careful cost/benefit analysis to the executive board. As a result of your presentation, the company executives decided to accommodate these requests and offer employees these spaces in the new office building. Since the announcement of this decision, the human resources office has received lots of feedback—mostly positive, but some complaints and confusion as well. Rumors of meetings scheduled in the lactation room and unspoken rules about who can use the single stall restroom abound. Your team has been asked to use the work you’ve done for the executive team to compose some documents to help employees (and other stakeholders) understand this addition. Your overarching goal is to educate employees about the intended purpose and clarify the proper use of each space, establishing policies, and expectations where necessary. Complete the following deliverables to meet this goal. Real World Connections: ACTIVITIES Activity 1:

Research-Based Recommendation

Report—4-6 pages, single spaced. For this activity, you are writing a recommendation report to the CEO of your company advocating for the implementation of the nursing mother’s room and the gender inclusive, single-stall bathroom. The report should outline the purpose of these spaces both generally and specifically for your company and guide the proper use of these spaces in the new office building. Your recommendation needs to be informed by accurate, credible research. You may choose to include other sections but you must have each of these main sections in this order: ● Abstract: Summary of main points;

● Introduction: Background information and general cultural context on the issues at stake, i.e. nursing mothers, women in technology fields or STEM careers generally, and gender identities, why you’re writing/recommending this change, and anything else you think would help frame the report for your boss;

● Potential obstacles, benefits, and outcomes: Anticipate what might happen once this policy is implemented, if the recommendation is taken up. How might the company plan to overcome obstacles, capitalize on benefits, and address other outcomes as necessary? ● Recommendation: Make a clear and concise appeal to implement a policy. Write a draft or sample policy to demonstrate what the policy might look like when it is completed. ● Conclusion: Think of this as a kind of thesis statement. Summarize what you are recommending and why. You might also offer the CEO and other company executives a method of making further inquiries, accessing your research materials, and following up with you to ask questions about the report and your recommendations.

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