Conduct a legal and historical analysis

Short answer questions:Undoubtedly, you are all aware of the many tragic shootings that occur in this country, unfortunately, on a more regular basis each year, it seems. Thus, the issue of gun control and gun rights is continually in the news. It is a political, social, legal and cultural issue. In the back of your textbook is a copy of the United States Constitution. Please read the second amendment.Please respond to the following questions.Think of the issue constitutionally and historically, rather than, whether gun control would or would not prevent future mass killings. Conduct a legal and historical analysis. Do not just “puff” on what you want or generally think. Inform yourselves. To that end, please see the video posted at the bottom of this assignment.1. Are we, as a nation, interpreting the Constitution properly? Yes? No? In part?2. Was the Second Amendment’s original purpose to establish a militia to maintain the public order?3. Was “Militia” intended to mean a regulated police force?4. Has the Second Amendment’s practical intent been eliminated by the existence of modern governmental resources to provide for state militias and a standing Army?5. In your opinion, do citizens have more to fear from governmental power, or private citizens owning guns? Thus, how does the second amendment in the 21st century promote freedom?6. The United States Supreme Court has already made clear through its legal opinions that gun regulation is constitutional. If that is the case, why then hasn’t stricter gun regulation been established?

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