conduct an advanced statistical analysis.

Editing required for a Research Proposal that has already been completed- revisions are needed. I will attach the pages . The Revisions are as follows: Revision is needed and these are the revisions- the following page is the research paper sections to be revised. Research Questions: Three interesting, topic-related questions are posed that focus on teachers’ notions of types of communication interventions as well as their frequency, and how teachers and parents can effectively work together on developing communication skills. The intent for Question 1 is not clear as it is overly broad. Question 2 can be answered with a number and as such, it is not clear how it is appropriately open-ended. Also, it is not apparent how Question 3 is aligned with the scope of the topic, problem, and purpose of the research. Please submit clearly open-ended research questions that are clearly researchable and appropriately aligned to the topic, problem, and purpose statement. Research Participants: The discussion about research participants appears to be teachers, parents, and students with autism who are selected on the basis of their membership at 2 junior high schools and 2 high schools. As described, the number of participants is unclear. Also, given revisions required for the research questions the reasonableness of the participants cannot be fully assessed. Data Collection: Ambitious data collection methods such as a questionnaire, focus groups, interviews are presented. However, given revisions required on the research questions, the appropriateness of these methods cannot be fully evaluated. Data Analysis: The response nicely explains that data collected from the questionnaires will be analyzed using SPSS software to conduct an advanced statistical analysis. Beyond, the SPSS software, more detail is needed to understand what statistical measures are being used for the questionnaire. Also, it is not apparent how the other data, that is focus groups and interviews, are to be analyzed.

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