Create a Unique Business plan for a Vegan restaurant.

Create a Unique Business plan for a Vegan restaurant. This Restaurant will be located in New Orleans, LA. Business plan is to include and describe in detail.. 1. Executive summary: The restaurant will be family owned and operated by my father and I. (Shay and Marvin Mercier). Also please include a synopsis of the plan,tailored for the target audience( The population of greater New Orleans looking to eat more healthy). 2. Company Description: please include legal info,employment and company history. 3. Product and services. Please include information specific to all vegan recipes ie vegan hamburgers,vegan mac and cheese,vegan shrimp,vegan hotdogs, vegan cheese,vegan buns, herbal medicine and etc. Also include features and benefits plus unique selling points that satisfy customer needs, which needs need to incorporate evidence base practice/information as to the positive health outcome and benefits of vegan food as opposed to the any other form of food ie beef,chicken,pork,seafood and etc. Also note the importance of eating healthy and how the new generation of food is full of unnatural ingredients,pesticides, and things that are detrimental to our health. The sick are getting younger and its mainly because of the food we consume. 4.Market Analysis and strategy: please include size and growth of market ,niches within the market,demographics of customers and competitor analysis. 5. Operations: input and responsibilities of management 6. Company forecast: please include a description of the restaurant goals and objectives, examples are to incorporate a healthier lifestyle in the community, promote plant base lifestyle for food and medicine that our GOD has created for us since the beginning of creation. 7.Owners experience and training: ie years in retail, customer service, and years as a business owner.

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