create an annotated bibliography

Instructions are attached. My topic is Aids. I am struggling with Annotated Bibliography.
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Annotated Bibliography —
Topic: Aids
Your assignment today is to create an annotated bibliography for
sources. A bibliography is merely a works cited list. So for the sources you
have acquired, cite them to the best of your ability in MLA format.
The annotated portion of the assignment just means that underneath each
citation, you must include at least three sentences summarizing the source.
After that, you must include a separate short paragraph of two sentences
minimum detailing how the source is relevant to your paper, and how you
plan to use the source for your paper. For example, if you found a book that
discussed nursing procedures, you would cite the source, and follow up with
a few sentences on exactly what the website discussed:
Harris, Michael H. Procedures in American Nursing History. New
York: Houghton, 2001.
In the text Procedures in American Nursing History author Michael Harris
discusses some of the many procedures associated with nursing in 19th
Century America. The book includes a section of particular interest: that
detailing procedures for remedying bone fractures and breaks.
In my paper I will use this source to build a historical foundation for my
paper. In particular, I will use the section on remedying bone fractures to
discuss trends in this area throughout history.
There you have it. A citation, followed directly by a short paragraph outlining
what the source discusses, which is then followed by a short paragraph
discussing how you’ll use the source in your paper. Student?s Name:
Professor?s Name:
Date Annotated bibliography 1. Park, Benjamin J., et al. “Estimation of the current global burden of cryptococcal
meningitis among persons living… See the… View the full answer

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