Critically analyze and apply the theoretical principles to the clinical situation.

Theory Application of Transition Theory: Congestive Heart Failure

Nursing Situation Marven is an 82 year-old Male who lives alone on the 7th floor of an apartment building. His wife passed away ten years ago. They did not have any children. Marven considered himself as very active, until he was experiencing swelling in his legs and shortness of breath on exertion.This is his third visit in the hospital for pneumonia and respiratory failure. His physician diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure. He is ready for discharge and his physician recommended for social worker to arrange for a skilled nurse facility assistance for oxygen therapy and nursing care. Marven was unhappy about the decision. Marven’s social support was limited. His social circle tighten because most of his buddies have died or have been relocated to nursing care facilities. It was Marven’s turn.

II. Theory Application Paper (25 points or 25%) The theory application scenario is the application of a specific theory to a clinical scenario. First, the paper involves determining the phenomena with its concepts. Secondly, the paper provides in-depth analysis of the theory and its concepts and then the student will apply the theoretical concepts to the concepts of the clinical situation. The purpose of this assignment is to: 1. Identify and apply theoretical principles from a middle range nursing theory to the concepts of a phenomenon or situation in one’s clinical practice 2. Conduct a comprehensive database search using appropriate controlled vocabulary and limiters and expanders to locate scholarly references related to the theory and phenomenon; and 3. Critically analyze and apply the theoretical principles to the clinical situation. The student identifies an area of interest in his or her practice and writes a short summary or scenario describing the nursing phenomenon or situation. Concepts of the phenomena are identified. One middle range theory that pertains to or explains the phenomenon is then identified. Concepts of the theory that pertain to the phenomena are identified. The student performs a search of a selected bibliographic database to locate references pertaining to the concepts of the phenomena and theory. The student retrieves the most appropriate articles located through the search and discusses the clinical situation in light of the information from the journal articles and the theory. Primary sources are to be accessed. The assignment concludes with a discussion of the concept, phenomenon, theory, and how it applies to his or her practice. The paper content should be 5-7 pages (excluding title page, referen

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