define and explain each of the following OSHA standards and terms for the nursing home

View the document at the website for a sample of a Job Hazard Analysis. There are other templates, too. Develop a Job Hazard Analysis for the following tasks that are likely to occur in a nursing home:Cooking foodProviding incontinent careMopping the floorWashing clothesGiving an injectionMowing grass2. According to the newest Requirements of Participation, nursing homes must have a designated nurse who fills the role of an Infection Preventionist. In 2-3 pages, explain what duties this person would have.**************************************************************************************************************************************HERE ARE THE LECTURE NOTES FOR THE ABOVE PAPER3., define and explain each of the following OSHA standards and terms for the nursing home:Safety Data SheetsHazard Communication ProgramLockout/tagoutStandard precautionsHand hygieneBloodborne pathogensPersonal Protective EquipmentEngineering controls^^**********************************************************************************************************************************HERE ARE THE LECTURE NOTES FOR THE PAPER ABOVESAFETY AND INFECTION CONTROLFire and other major disasters are not the only safety issues in nursing homes. Because the residents are suffering from a variety of diseases and health conditions, there is always danger of infection or injury from improper use of medical devices. It is the administrator’s job to assure the residents (as well as Medicare and Medicaid who pay most of the bills) that the facility is taking all possible measures to prevent such problems.The facility is also legally and morally obligated to provide safe working conditions for all employees. Compliance with that obligation is enforced by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Its regulations are rigid, and penalties for failure are severe with heavy fines imposed on the facility.Although the regulations for protecting residents and employees vary somewhat, the practices for meeting those regulations need not be that different. Particularly in the area of infection control, procedures that protect residents tend to protect employees. In recent years, we have seen a greater number of infectious diseases in long-term care, often with more serious consequences. All employees, including the administrator, must become familiar with (and practice where appropriate) what have come to be known as “standard precautions.” These precautions deal with protection from the transmission of or exposure to the bodily fluids of another person – the way in which many diseases are transmitted.Long-term care is well known to be a field in which numerous injuries can occur. Back injuries from lifting are common among direct caregivers. OSHA often reviews lifting policies and ergonomics when inspecting nursing homes. Many organizations have developed no-lift policies, preferring to use mechanical lifts versus putting strain on the backs of caregivers. Be cautious about employees wearing sneakers with worn tread on wet surfaces; this is the cause of numerous falls. Monitoring the work environment for potential safety issues requires much diligence.The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are taking infection prevention quite seriously. They now require a trained Infection Preventionist in each nursing home, a nurse with specialized training in infection prevention. One such training program is offered through the American Health Care Association.Antibiotic resistance has led to the development of some newer types of infections, the so-called “superbugs.” Each nursing home must also have an antibiotic stewardship program to reduce the use of unnecessary antibiotics. The consulting pharmacist and medical director play key roles in this program. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released The Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship for Nursing Homes, a document that can guide nursing homes step-by-step through the process of establishing and maintaining Antibiotic Stewardship programs.

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