Define triggers that would indicate a modification of the change plan is necessary

purposeful rounding in a psychiatry unit

Evaluating change outcomes for a specific issue in a select healthcare organization. Healthcare is entering a challenging era. There is increasing demand for services, a rapidly aging population, the need to manage advanced information technology, and increased fiscal pressures based on the economic crisis. When promoting change, professional nurses must know learning styles and teaching strategies that use a holistic approach; focusing on the strategic plan, implementation of that plan, and evaluation of outcomes. Applying the best evidence to support nursing practice and change is the hallmark of excellence in nursing. Many times identifying the problem is the easy part for the professional nurse; the process of moving through a practice change becomes more difficult. The change process includes (1) the change itself, (2) communication methods, (3) timelines, and (4) the effect of the change on the culture of the organization or stakeholders involved (Lusardi, 2012, p. 62). Predetermined outcomes can be assessed to determine if the change is effective. Using data collected before the change began should be compared with the data after implementation (Lusardi, 2012, p. 62). The successful implementation of change depends on the nurse being able to sustain the change and evaluate the outcomes (Dearholt & Dang, 2012). Resources: Dearholt, S. L. & Dang, D. (2012). Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice model and guidelines (2nd ed.). Sigma Theta Tau International. Lusardi, P (2012). So you want to change practice: Recognizing practice issues and channeling those ideas. Critical Care Nurse, Vol. 32. No. 2: 55-64. Learning Activity #4: Change Outcomes for a Specific Issue in a Healthcare Organization Resources:  Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice: Model and guidelines  Leadership in nursing practice: Changing the landscape of health care.  Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing. Write a two page paper where you develop an evaluation plan related to a specific change issue in a select healthcare organization. Include the following:  Identify a timeline for evaluation  Explore processes and performance measures that monitor results  Identify strategies to sustain change  Define triggers that would indicate a modification of the change plan is necessary ***Please use recommended resources*** PICO question: (P): On an inpatient psychiatry unit with patients between the ages of 12 years and older how does (I): purposeful hourly rounding by nursing staff as compared to (C): not rounding (O): increase patient satisfaction or prevent incidence occurrences?

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