Demonstrate a biopsychosocial understanding of a service users experience and an evidence based approach to your suggested intervention.

3000 words essay.
Care analysis of a service user experiencing acute and challenging mental health problems:
Demonstrate a biopsychosocial understanding of a service users experience and an evidence based approach to your suggested intervention. The service user should have complex needs, which can offer challenges to services. An example of this might be:
A service user who is admitted informally to an acute in patient unit where the doors are locked. The service user may be presenting with depression, alcohol withdrawal and ideas of self-harm.
Care analysis should identify:
“ Service users presenting problems, from the biopsychosocial perspective
“ Risk assessment and management
“ Recovery principles and engagement processes
“ Legal and ethical dimensions, such as deprivation of liberty
“ Role and responsibilities of the mental health nurse

The client history and presentation should be put in as an appendix
Module aims:
¢ Identify and explore the biological, psychological, social and cultural factors that impact on mental health
¢ Enable the student to demonstrate expertise in eliciting a full biological, psychological and social history and to critically examine the links between causation, symptomology, treatment and management of challenging mental health presentations
¢ Facilitate the exploration of the experience of acute and challenging presentations and critically analyse knowledge and experience to make clinical judgments
Demonstrate competence in the use of care planning to promote service user independence and recovery
Knowledge and Understanding
¢ Understand the biological explanations of mental health problems addressed with psychological and social perspectives of human responses and behaviour
¢ Evaluate data to identify and define acute / challenging presentations, analyse the use of specific nursing interventions and, informed by best available evidence, utilise a collaborative approach when formulating and evaluating assessment and interventions used

Intellectual Skills
¢ Analyse the legislative frameworks, ethical dimensions and policy context in relation to complex mental health presentations
¢ Analyse and apply a variety of assessment tools and frameworks in relation to challenging mental health needs and presentations
¢ Analyse and apply research to clinical practice

Document Layout:
¢ Front page including your student number and word count
¢ Double line spacing
¢ Size 12 font
¢ A margin of at least 2.54 cm on all sides of A4 paper
¢ Candidate number as header on all pages
¢ Page number as footer on all pages

Personality Disorder
¢ A bio-psycho social perspective on personality development
¢ Understanding of diagnostic criteria for personality disorder
¢ Engaging with the service user
¢ Assessing risk, including the risk of self-harm, attempted suicide and risk to others
¢ Legal and ethical frameworks for care
¢ Nursing intervention and the use of ˜self™ in engaging with this client group
¢ Development and documentation of care plans to achieve optimal health, habitation and rehabilitation, based on assessment and current nursing knowledge

Risk Management
¢ Understanding risk “ the use of positive risk taking
¢ Collaborative approaches to risk management “ clinical decision making
¢ Selection and application of appropriate assessment tools
¢ Promoting the use of nurturing, psychologically and environmentally safe environments
¢ Prioritisation of need
¢ Empowering service users “ maximising choice and decision making wherever possible
¢ Developing communication skills, written and verbal
¢ Legal and ethical frameworks for care

Dual Diagnosis
¢ Selection and application of appropriate risk assessment tools and specific techniques in assessing substance misuse and co existing mental health problems
¢ Assessment of physical health needs in relation to substance use
¢ Collaborative approaches to care and care planning
¢ Understanding the impact of specific substances on the service users physical and mental well-being (during use and detoxification regimes)
¢ Promoting service user understanding and ownership of care and treatment
¢ Legal and ethical frameworks for care

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