Demonstrate and practice professional communication and leadership, while advancing the education of peers.

Overview of LACE Consensus


Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for learners to: • Develop professional presentation/communication skills. • Demonstrate an advancing understanding of the political landscape of APN practice. • Demonstrate the ability to analyze the literature and be able to disseminate the information orally. • Demonstrate and practice professional communication and leadership, while advancing the education of peers. Course Outcomes 1. Analyze the development of advanced practice nursing roles from a historical perspective including the impact of advanced practice nursing on the healthcare delivery system from the perspective of selected current reports (i.e. LACE, IOM, etc.) 2. Critically analyze how healthcare systems and APN practice are organized and influenced by ethical, legal, economic and political factors. Address the following Topics/Questions: • How do licensure, accreditation, certification, and education (LACE) considerations differ for all four APN clinical roles (CNP, CNM, CRNA, CNS) for these three states: California, Washington, and Illinois? Provide evidence for your response. • Discuss what evidence-based strategies should be implemented to achieve continuity between state regulatory boards? Provide evidence for your response. • Is independent NP practice allowed in your state? Discuss your opinion regarding independent NP practice in your state. Should NPs be allowed to practice independently? Provide evidence for your response. Presentation Guidelines : • The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation which will be recorded via Kaltura.

• Students should create the PowerPoint presentation offline and then open it for use during the Kaltura recording. • Students must practice/recording the presentation more than once to allow for practice and mastery of the content and presentation style. The final presentation of the Kaltura recording should be submitted only. Do not use PowerPoint to record the presentation. • Students should review their presentation for clarity in audio and sound as well as clarity in the information presented. Students should be professionally dressed in business casual attire for the presentation with/without a lab coat. Scrubs, sweats, denim, yoga pants, and athletic wear are not considered business casual. Student’s face must be visible via the webcam during the presentation. • The presentation should be approximately 15-20 minutes in recorded length. It will vary from student to student but should adequately address the material. • The presentation should contain appropriate scholarly evidence to support the information presented per APA format. Use in-text references and have a reference list at the end of the presentation. • PowerPoint slides should be used as cues to topics and key concepts without lengthy sentences and paragraphsreading information from slides is not professional and therefore not acceptable. • A professional presentation includes an introduction both of yourself and of the topic, the touch points of information you’re going to discuss as well as a conclusion. • Students may use any type and size font that works for their presentation. Slides should include bullet points you intend to cover, 4-5 bullet points per slide. The bullet points should be expanded upon with oral information. Direct quotes and paragraphs are discouraged. Include Speaker notes • The student’s oral presentation should demonstrate a clear understanding of all concepts along with specific examples to represent concepts. Technology Requirements The presentation must be recorded using Kaltura. For more information on Kaltura, see Resources. Do not use PowerPoint to record the presentation. The presentation should be saved in MP4 format

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