Demonstrate (with studies) how each domains impact nursing practice in the UK and how beneficial it is to student nurses, mental health practice in the UK.

Dimensions of professional practice in leading and managing care

a critical reflection on the NMC domains

The aim and focus of the assignment

Primary purpose of this assignment is to explore and demonstrate an understanding and sound knowledge of the 4 domains of the NMC ‘Standards for Pre-registration Nurses’ four competency domains (NMC, 2010), while providing care for Lucas a service user whose case study is presented in appendix. This essay should reflect current evidence based that underpins effective nursing practice in the mental health setting (for example, NICE, NMC, primary studies; where necessary, literature review evidence). The focus should be holistic and person centred as stated in the NICE, 2011a guidelines) including meeting the legal requirements.

This paper will focus on the care of a service user ‘Padme’ to preserve confidentiality in accordance with Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) guidelines (NMC, 2015). This case study will follow Padme’s treatment within an adult acute inpatient unit, reflecting on the challenges and events that occurred chronologically during her stay; her engagement with treatment, communicative needs, medication regime, and finally, discharge to the community. The care provided will be reflected upon in relation to the NMC ‘Standards for Pre-registration Nurses’ four competency domains (NMC, 2010), as well as an evidence-base, current nursing legislation, NICE clinical guidelines to ensure that treatment is fully ‘person-centred’ (NICE, 2011a), holistic, and meets legal requirements.

Summary of the case study

Lucas is a 25 year old man from an Afro-Caribbean decent with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and mild learning disabilities with a rare case of type diabetes. Lucas physical and mental state has deteriorated significantly following the death of his father six months ago. However, Lucas and his father are very close. Lucas had a job as postman and he has not been fully functional and active at work. Lucas has missed several days off sick with no prior notification. He has been acting bizarrely and extremely suspicious. He suddenly became violent and aggressive towards his girlfriend believing that his girlfriend is against him and that his neighbour is terrorist planning to explode the London tower bridge. His girlfriend was unable to deal this severity of his challenge and difficulties and she called the police when he started to present with extreme violence and aggression. Lucas was found wondering on the side of the motor way causing unexpected traffic jam and he was picked by the police and was brought to the hospital under section 136 of the MHA. The author has assigned as the co-primary nurse to support and care for Lucas on this admission. Please see appendix A for detailed information.

Structure of the Essay

The structure for this assignment should revolve around the 4 NMC domains as presented in the criteria below. Each domains and additional ‘care management’ should be considered a point (body of the essay) and should be based on the evidence that is presented in the case study for Lucas and how the author (student nurse) have been able to utilise skills, knowledge and experience gain throughout the three years to work with other professionals as an active member of the MDT to deliver care to Lucas.

Please consider the immediate needs and challenges that Lucas may have when planning and meeting his care needs and working in partnership with other professionals to meet his needs (Language difficulties with LD, considering that he has a communication book). These difficulties and challenges should be supported with studies through studies and research evidence.

Critically reflect upon and examine the dimensions of professional practice in leading and managing care.

· Professional values

· Communication and interpersonal skills

· Nursing practice and decision making

· Care management

· Leadership Management and team working

These Domains must be treated as heading with effective use of the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic within the Time-frame) Objectives to meet the goals of the assignment.

· Short definition of each Domain should be provided. Examples to support the points in the domains can be extracted from the case study provided.

· How each domain interacts with the different components of the case study should be explored. It should provide statistics( where necessary) to show their importance

· The Author must demonstrate sound knowledge of independent thinking and decision making as a mental health nurse.

· Demonstrate (with studies) how each domains impact nursing practice in the UK and how beneficial it is to student nurses, mental health practice in the UK.

· Each Domain has different component and it must reflect and demonstrate the author’s learning and decision making skills.

Please note that the Care management of the assignment was added by the university and it is not mainly the NMC domain. However, it encompasses every aspect of the domains. Be mindful that it should treated equally important as the other 4 NMC domains.

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