demonstrate your understanding of the process of collecting and utilizing evidence to guide nursing practice.

nursing research

teaching the older nurse about barcoding of medications how would this be a different teaching than that of a younger more computer savy nurse? I will provide a paper that needs revised and

the literature that I want used.

• Evidence-Based Practice for Selected Illness Paper 3
This paper will demonstrate your understanding of the process of collecting and utilizing evidence to guide nursing practice. You will select an illness/disease and the population for this paper.

The selected topic will be different from other papers in this course or previous papers in other RN-BSN courses. The intervention will be nursing focused related to care of your selected illness

and identified patients’ outcomes. Please do not focus on pharmacology or procedures that health care providers make the decisions regarding equipment or treatment or administrative issues.

This differs from the permitted PICO question/statement you may have used in NRSG 386W. For those students who took 386W you will recall the group presentation that pulled together the

group’s work for the stated PICO. This paper will be similar to that cumulative presentation but in written form and represents your perspective not a group’s conclusion.
The paper will include the following information:
1). State the Evidence-based practice question using the PICO Model. This includes identifying the patient condition of interest and population, intervention of interest that is nursing focused,

comparison intervention that is nursing focused (not routine care), and outcomes that are measureable patient behaviors to be observed.
2). Explain the significance of the examining the patient condition and population as related to nursing practice.
3). Summarize the process of literature search that you used and evaluate the evidence you found. You will sum up the levels of evidence using UNMC Levels of Evidence and state the summative

evaluation using ONS PEP Weight of Evidence for all references used in the paper. A minimum of 10 journal articles/guidelines from professional journals are required to support your paper but

you may include more references. You will use the link in Blackboard to upload these 10 articles in PDF format to the assignment.
4). Describe the implementation process you would use determine if a change in intervention is reasonable and feasible on a unit or for an agency. Describe how you would evaluate effectiveness

of the pilot testing of the intervention. Include information regarding you get approval from administration to implement the pilot testing of the different interventions as well as discuss the

plan for implementation with staff.

Rating System for Level and Quality of Evidence
Adapted from Joanna Briggs Institute and AHRQ (2005)

Level or Type of Evidence
I. Meta-analysis or comprehensive systematic review of multiple experimental research studies. Good quality clinical practice guidelines fit here as well.
? Cochrane
? National Guidelines Clearinghouse (AHRQ)
? The Joanna Briggs Institute
? Other data bases and professional groups may publish meta-analyses, systematic reviews, or clinical practice guidelines in their area(s) of interest

II. Well-designed experimental study

III. Well-designed quasi-experimental study
? Non-randomized controlled study
? Single group pre-post design
? Cohort study
? Time-series study (one group of subjects over time)
? Matched case-controlled study (two or more groups matched on certain variables)

IV. Well-designed non-experimental study
? Correlational or comparative descriptive study
? Case study
? Qualitative study

V. Clinical examples and expert opinion
? Text books
? Non-research journal articles, including non-systematic literature reviews
? Verbal report
? Non-research-based professional standards or guidelines
Strength or Quality of Evidence
A. Literature consists of Type I evidence or consistent findings from multiple studies from Levels II, III, or IV
B. Multiple studies with evidence types II, III, or IV that are generally consistent
C. Multiple studies with evidence types II, III, or IV that are inconsistent
D. Limited research evidence or one type II study only
E. Type IV or V evidence only.

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