Describe any changes or nuances in the two different checklist.

Observation Assignment Guidelines (75 Points) – Students are required to visit a licensed Child Care Center and complete a 20-minute video observation of a child ages 2- 5. The purpose of this assignment is to document the difference between the “old way” of observation/assessment and a video assessment the “new way.” This assignment is based on the video you watched in yourIntroduction: Name, address, phone number, and contact person at the center visited; Age of child being assessed, the domain the child is being assessed for and a short description of the facility.The first observation is completed at the school during the time of the observation (this will be the old way, you will need to have someone videotaping this observation to look at later) with a checklist/form of your choice. You may have a checklist you use at your school or Google preschool checklist (Pinterest has several) and pick one that you think best works with the age you will be evaluating. USE A PEER REVIEWED VIDEO FROM TEDTALKThe second observation (the new way) takes place at home, re-assessing the child based on the video with the same checklist/form used in the classroom.Body: Write a summary report based on your observations:Describe any changes or nuances in the two different checklist.Conclusion – What did you learn from this assignment?Upload the video with the summary.Include both checklists ( in person and video observation).,_sarah.pdfUSE An OBSERVATION FACILITY kindercare READ THE ARTICLE, WATCH An OBSERVATION VIDEO ON TEDTALK OR YOUTUBE

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