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Papers should be no less than 3 and a half pages (excluding headers, cover pages, and reference pages), and should be no longer than 5 pages, but I am less concerned about page limits, so feel free to go over if needed. Statement: “In a world beset by quandaries and crises, survival no longer depends upon the process of natural selection or chance mutations, but rather on intentional deliberations and conscientious decision-making.” – Stanley Krippner, ‘The epistemology and technologies of shamanic states of consciousness’ For this assignment, dig deeper into the statement above. What do you think Krippner meant by this statement? Do you agree with this statement? Why? Utilizing the readings from Chapter 14 and 9, describe the interrelationships between shamanism/shamanic healing approaches and health/body/mind. Take a closer look at these different relationships, and describe in your own words these connections. One approach you might use is a compare/contrast to Western perspectives as a framework for your discussion. Please include at least 3 references each, to the Krippner reading, as well as 3 references from Chapters 14 and 9. Please avoid providing long quotes, or too much time summarizing. Use the materials to support your discussion, and not the other way around. Please refer to the book for chapter 14 and 9 Book: Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions, and Relationships (5th Edition) Note: Please let me know if you need me to send you chapter 14 and 9. General Guidelines: 1. Paper organization is key. Please do not just write one long paragraph, or even two long paragraphs. Each distinct idea should have a separate paragraph. Use topic sentences to start paragraphs and transition sentences to end paragraphs as appropriate. Use subheadings if appropriate. The easier your assignment is to read, the better your ideas come through. 2. Please use 12-point font (no obscure fonts), double spacing, and 1-inch margins

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