Describe the obstacle feminism facing in China.

Describe the obstacle feminism facing in China. 1: Confucianism has influenced China for thousands years. the idea the Confucianism asserts which is women should work in the domestic sphere while man should work for the public arena. Under the patriarchy society, Confucianism also believes that women has lower prestige than man, so they should obey their husband or father’s order. Women are more like a labor to them. This idea has been put into people’s mind too long, so people think it’s natural. (Theory: culture over nature) 2:People considering women as a producer. Women in China are forced or persuaded to get married and have babies. Even though some of the women is seeking for independence economically, but when she gets older people around her will created rumors about her because she’s not married or has a baby. 3: certain male will become upset when women are talking about feminism. This group of male are mostly low educated. However, the male with high educated will not be very upset about the feminism, they still holds the concept that women are weaker than them. (Source about crisis of masculinity) Male are afraid that women will too the privilege they have right now.Instructions from the professor are in the file. Please only read the book from page 159-162. Do not need to explain the book, just quote the theory from it. And please check the website for the information about crisis of masculinity. will put the interview quotes into the paper after finished. Don’t worry about the interviews.

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