Describe your approach. Review of the literature: Review pertinent literature on the topic. Please use APA (5th edition) format in citing your references.

Professional Issues Presentation

Paper details:

DESCRIPTION The purpose of this assignment is to develop the student’s awareness and activism regarding ongoing professional and policy issues that have an impact on primary care nursing practice. The focus of your work in this assignment is the future of advanced practice. You will select a topic of interest to you and will be involved in professional activities related to your topic. You will develop an in-depth presentation of an issue related to advanced practice. Faculty in Clinical Decision Making (CDM) groups will assist in selecting topics and format for presentation. Students can work individually or in groups of two with CDM faculty permission. OVERVIEW You will explore an NP practice issue related to the future of advanced practice and will share your knowledge with other students and colleagues. You will be involved in a variety of activities related to the subject you choose and will include a description of those in your presentation. The goal for the final presentation is to familiarize all of the students with the relevant issues affecting NP practice. TOPICS Please choose one topic from the following: Billing and coding in family practice, reimbursement issues Primary care provider status, scope of practice, NP coalition/state organization: practice acts in your state of origin Entrepreneurship: nurse-owned clinics and beyond International perspectives for advanced practice Interprofessional evidence-based practice: translational research for primary care practice Future trends in research for advanced practice nursing Institute of medicine (IOM): future of nursing, role of NP Students may choose other topics or areas of interest that are approved by CDM faculty. CONTENT OF THE PRESENTATION The presentation must include the following: Introduction/Problem Statement: Explain the purpose and significance of the problem with context and existing gaps in the area and how this project can contribute to the area. Describe your approach. Review of the literature: Review pertinent literature on the topic. Please use APA (5th edition) format in citing your references. Interviews with key informants (if applicable)* and/or report of related activities to your topic: You should obtain information about your topic from NP activists, legislators, or members of NP or other nursing organizations. You will be consulting with your faculty about the approach to the interviews and the analysis of the interviews. You may also be attending meetings, preparing testimony on the subject of interest, and/or working with committee members of NP organizations. * Interviews are not mandatory but if used please follow instructions above. Discuss the relevance and significance to NP practice. Synthesize the literature review and/or the analysis of interviews and interview data in a concise summary of the issue, including recommendations and implications for future action on the topic. The presentation will be shared during the CDM synchronous session in a creative manner, including either PowerPoint, voiceThread, or similar program. Presentation should be between 20-30 minutes. Slides should be used to help outline the presentation and highlight important points. It is expected that the presentation includes more in-depth discussion of topic- NOT just reading the slides. GRADING CRITERIA The grade for this assignment will be based on the quality and content of the presentation. Please refer to the Professional Issues Grading Presentation rubric below for additional information. my instructor comment on the problem statment is ” I like your approach, but be sure to state the actual problem in the introduction to your paper. You have discussed several different things that impact health care in Israel, so I’d suggest you narrow it down and be very clear about the specific problem you wish to address. Also, I did not grade APA or grammar, punctuation, etc. here, so be sure to edit you paper at all stages for those issues (I will definitely be grading them for the final product). “

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