Describe your chosen theory that supports your concept/conceptual model and the author

Introduction – Identify your C-T-E structure (1 – 2 paragraphs) and why using this structure is important to you as a doctoral prepared nurse.Example of CTE: Mindfulness (C)-Intention Attention Awareness Model/Theory (T)-Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (E). Also introduce the evidence-based practice model you chose to guide your project using research evidence and translating it into practice.

Concept/Conceptual Framework: Define your concept. Describe your concept within the setting, population, and problem area that you are exploring. This should be a 1-2 paragraph summary that is the culminating definition from your concept analysis paper.

Describe your chosen theory that supports your concept/conceptual model and the author. Summarize the mainprinciples underlying the theory. Remember that your theory does not have to be a nursing theory, it can be a theory from another discipline. Make the connection between your concept and the theory chosen.
Significance:Discuss thesignificance as it relates to your concept, PICO question, problem area, etc.

Empirical Indicator: Describe your empirical indicator in 1-2 paragraphs
(summary of your concept measurement paper). Identify the reliability and
validity of the tool (quantitative) or the dependability and credibility (qualitative). Summarize the research findings using this tool, such as the MAAS has been used in multiple studies (citations, dates) with data related to mindfulness supporting the Intention Attention Attitude model (Shapiro, 2005). This information again should be able to be collected from the Concept Measurement Table and paper.

Evidence-Based Practice Change Model: Identify and describe the EBP Change Model, that translates the evidence into a practice setting, that you will be using to implement your capstone project in a couple paragraphs. This EBP Change Model should be one that could be supported by your place of employment. If there is a diagram of the structure of the process of theory, you may include this as a figure. Describe how this theory can be used as a guide in your capstone journey.

Summary:1 – 2 paragraphs that summarizes your entire paper.

This should be a minimum of 5-6 pages, not including title page and references.

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C-T-E Structure and EBP TheoryGrading Rubric
Grading Criteria Possible Points
40 Your
Introduction: Conceptual-Theoretical-Empirical Structure 2

Concept/Conceptual Framework: Clear definition of the concept. Describe the setting/population/problem area where the concept is being explored. 5

Theory Evaluation Section –
1. Describe the theory 5
2. Evaluate the theory related to your concept and problem 5

Empirical Indicator: Identify and describe your tool and its use in research. If you are creating your own tool, how you will do that. 5

EBP Change Model: .
1. Describe model and relate it to your PICO question and capstone project 5
2. Describe how the steps of the model relate to your practice change project journey (what you have done or will do each step of the model). 5

Summary 2

APA formatting, grammar, scholarly writing style,, 6
Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, appropriate headings
Total 40
Note: As doctoral level students, please pay close attention to: grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph development, format, word usage, and style of writing.
*Your paper should have a title page and a reference page.
*You should also have page numbers and subject level headings.
*A running head is required.
*All citations and reference page should be according to APA 6th edition.
*The text should be 12 font, Times New Roman.
*Your paper should be double-spaced.
*You should have one inch margins.
*Please proof read carefully.

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