develop a safety and health implementation plan

Risk Assessment: Hazard Identification and Worksite Analysis Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model you will develop a safety and health implementation plan. The plan will be developed in phases and will serve as reference information for a PowerPoint presentation that will be your course project in Unit VII. For this units assignment, you are in a critical aspect of the planning (P) phase of implementation. You will be assessing your workplace to identify hazards and determine the level of risk the hazards pose to the organization. Continuing with the scenario introduced in Unit II (review Unit II PowerPoint assignment in the syllabus), you have completed the planning phase and are ready to move forward with the implementation of a safety management system. Using the information covered in this unit lesson, you will be performing an analysis to identify hazards and assess the risk associated with the hazards in your workplace (if you are not currently employed, you may use a former employer or you may simply select an industry of choice). Your assessment must include the following information: identification of the workplace or industry assessed, date the assessment was performed, name and title of the person conducting the assessment, identification of five hazards in the workplace, identification of the category each hazard falls into (e.g., physical, safety, ergonomics, etc.), identification of the consequences that could result from exposure to each hazard (i.e., what can happen), determination of the likelihood that an injury and/or illness will occur as a result of exposure to the hazard, determination of the severity of a resulting injury and/or illness, and determination of the level of risk (e.g., low, moderate, high, etc.). Your assessment should be presented in a table and should be at least two pages, not counting your title and reference pages. You should include a one- to two-paragraph introduction for your assignment.

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