Develop an age appropriate nutrition plan.

Irma is an 82-year-old widow who lives alone with a history of hypertension. At the age of 67, she had a mild stroke, but recovered with no physical impairments. Lately, she has been complaining of dizziness and fatigue. Irma used to be a fan of all the cooking shows and took pride in fixing gourmet meals for friends and her husband. Her husband died 6 years ago and since his death she lost all interest in cooking. A year ago, her smoke alarm went off when she fell asleep and left the stove on. Now Irma is afraid of using the stove for fear of starting a fire. Her meals consist of a boiled egg and toast with orange juice for breakfast and a cup of canned soup in the evening. She has no variety in her meals and eats little protein or vegetables. Irma has no children and her younger siblings live in another state. She occasionally walks to the community center and participates in some of the activities for seniors. Her physician reported that she is exhibiting signs of early dementia and may not be able to live alone much longer.This paper should be typed in a Word document using APA standards for headers, citations, and the references page. You may format your paper with a paragraph for each prompt below. Your completed paper should be 2-3 double-spaced pages. Identify a nutrition assessment tool and complete an age appropriate mini nutritional assessment. Describe the nutritional needs for your selected population ( elderly). Develop an age appropriate nutrition plan. Use evidence-based resources to describe health problems that occur as the result of malnutrition. Identify the determinants of health that can contribute to malnutrition among this population group. Identify appropriate referral resources.

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